Advantages of Apparel Embroidery

When you’re wanting to display your brand on clothing, two of your main options will be embroidery and screen printing.  There are various advantages associated with choosing embroidery. 

The main advantage of using embroidery for apparel is longevity. Embroidered design typically lasts a very long time.  In comparison with screen printed garments, where you will need to be careful when washing it, embroidery design is much more durable.  Screen printed apparel is not colorfast and may fade over time.

The price of embroidered apparel will basically depend on the number of stitches necessary to create the design.  Although the cost for embroidered apparel is slightly higher than screen printed apparel you can save money by ordering your items in bulk.

Young Guns utilizes top of the line embroidery machines which allow us to run larger quantities more quickly.  We also use our own in-house art department for set up so your design does not change over the course of the project.  Although embroidery costs a little more you must factor in the fact it lasts longer as mentioned earlier.  Therefore, the investment you make in your apparel will last longer with a more consistent look.

Embroidery can recreate your company’s logo or marketing message on your apparel just like screen printing can.  Our are department is diligent in recreating your detailed designs.  In most cases, we are able to match designs completely without having to alter the look.

One of the main advantages of embroidery for apparels the increased durability. Although there is a increased upfront set-up cost for embroidered apparel, the finished product is always an excellent portrayal of your specific brand or design. 

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