T-Shirt 101: What you should know.

Online shopping for T-shirts can be a very confusing at times. Everyone wants a certain look when they wear T-shirts but even after buying the best brand’s T-shirt or buying a costliest T-shirt it doesn’t enhance their look.

Here are some good tips on how to buy T-shirts:

A: The Right fit

The shape of the top foregrounds the typical figure of the broad shoulders and narrow waist.

Some cautions should be taken while selecting a T-shirt that it should highlight the best feature of the body. There are two types of fits, one is muscle fit which fits the chest and the body but they are never tight, and another is a classic fit which is made to fit everyone and these types of T-shirt are baggy around the chest and the arms.

B: The Right Color

Most shoppers prefer classics and basic colors like – Black, Grey, White, Navy Blue etc.

1 White – This color compliments all the skin tone. This color should be an essential part of the wardrobe and this color should never be washed with any other colors.

2 Gray- it’s a mixture of different shades, it intensify the body shape.

3 Black- it’s a versatile color option, it goes very well with all the outfits and black can match with any jeans too.

4 Navy- this color is also a dark color, it can be less severe during the day if compared to black and it can be a best substitute for black color.

C: TheRight Fabric

Selection of right fabric is very important because the quality of the T-shirt should not be compromised when it comes to style. Cotton T-shirts help to maintain the shape of your top body and are usually the most comfortable. Cotton T-shirts are also easy to handle and maintain
D. The Function of the T-shirt
You should always buy a T-shirt according to the occasion, T-shirts can be a great option if you want to create a great first impression, also T-shirts are versatile and you can wear them everywhere. A T-shirt is a fun way to match with an event and can be versatile enough for casual party or sport activity. Remember, quality and comfort are the must haves for any wardrobe.  

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